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Many of us would love to travel to the UK for one reason or the other, be it for visit, for tourism, business, marriage or any other thing. { Uk Embassy In Tanzania and Visa Application }

The British Embassy is close to the HQ| of the Citi bank in Tanzania. If you need a visa, you may apply at the British embassy in Tanzania. The visa might be a partner visa, marriage visa or even a fiancée visa that is if you are married or engaged to a British national.

Getting a visa to the UK has been made easy, as citizens in Tanzania can easily get the required visa which they need. It should be known that there are also some requirements which an individual must have before he/she will be granted the UK visa.

UK Embassy In Tanzania Visa Application and Contacts Address

UK Embassy In Tanzania Visa Application and Contacts Address


on January 1st, 2017 Tanzanian citizens had visa-free or visa arrival access to 65 countries and territories. That is with just the visa access you can stay in a country for a limited number of days. Some countries allow you to stay for more than 3 days.

Making a visa to the UK, there are some requirements which are needed, they are; your passport, applicants are required to have this always at all times, the passport should also be valid for one year beyond entry date. Many individuals fail to carry out this process very well, you are not to use a passport which is not valid, as your application cannot be carried out successfully. A photograph is also a requirement for your visa application and this must be a recent one.

Applicants should know that there are other requirements which you might need which might not be stated here, as the ones stated above are the basic ones.

Getting a UK visa in Tanzanian is an easy one, it’s not as tough as many people see it to me.


There is some specific number of days which are needed for the applicants of the visa. The visa application process will show you how everything works there. Now read on.

The days which are needed in preparation of the visa is determined by the type of visa. Most people travel for business, family visits, and many other reasons. Every type of visa you are getting there required the amount of time which you want to spend there and also the requirements which are needed in every category. Below are the number of days which are needed in the application of visa for different categories.

  • Family Visits: The number of days to process the application of the visa is 30 days, which is equivalent to one month. Time of visit or rather days to spend is six (6) months or less. The family visit visa takes more time to prepare than some others.
  • Business Visits: You are given six (6) months or less also. The number of days it takes to process your visa application 15 days. The days for business visits are shorter to process. Applicants should note that applying for a business visa requires more documents than the others.
  • Long Term Visa: There are for those who would want to stay there for more than six (6) months. It takes up to thirty days (30) days for the process of the visa application.
  • General Visit: The number of days required for your visa application is thirty days (30) and period of stay there, should not be more than six months or less.

All of these listed above are the number of days it will take the UK embassy to process your visa application. Applicants should note that your time/purpose of stay is depending on the duration of your visa application process. You can see above, that each purpose, some it takes a longer time to complete while others are fast.

UK Embassy In Tanzania Contacts


Most time, we might want to make inquiries by contacting the right people, which is the UK embassy. How do we do that now? What if you do not have the UK embassy in Tanzania contacts, well this article will save you from all of that stress. We should also note that there are several hours in which these people are set to receive your calls. I believe lots of things have been made easier for us, applying for a visa have been made easier for us , then it was stressful, as you do not have enough information like this now, lack of communication and not having knowledge of so many thins has costs us a lot.

The responsible minister for your visa application process is the British high commissioner, Dar er Saleem, Tanzania.

  • The postal address is Umaja House Hambury Avenue. They also have their opening hours which are
  • GMT Monday to Thursdays: 4:30am to 1:30pm
  • Friday 4:30am to 11:30am.

They also have the local time, so you can easily get them.

  • Opening hours which are Mondays to Thursdays: 7:30am to 3:30pm
  • Fridays: 7:30am to 1:30pm.

For the consular enquires counter, the opening hours are

  • Monday to Thursdays 8:00am to 1:00pm while Fridays are 8:00am to 1:30pm.

Apart from getting their opening hours and address, what if you are far from the destination and you want to contact them on phone, what will you do? Lets take a look at this below.

  • Telephone number: +255 (0) 22 229 0000
  • Fax: +255 (22) 211 0102.

You can also get them easily from here which is the web address; https://www.govuk/government/world/organization/high-commission-dr-ws-salaam

you can easily now make contact with the UK embassy in Tanzania, this is possible now, since you now have access to every one of their contact.

Another thing is that, visa applicants should be able to give proper info about themselves, this will enable the visa application process to be faster for them, it is necessary that all info placed there must be correct, everything should be done in the right process.

Many visa applicants have fallen into the hands of scammers, proper information has now been given to you, so do not be a victim.

That’s all about UK Embassy In Tanzania.


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