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One thing we should know about a country flag is that it is unique. Every country flag always has a meaning, so the Tanzanian flag is no exception. This article is about the Tanzania flag meaning and interesting facts about it plus everything you need to know.

Tanzania is the largest nation in East Africa. The country is estimated to have a population of 49.9 million citizens. When we talk about the country that has the highest mountains we are talking about Tanzanian. Tanzanian has the highest mountain in Africa which is Mount Kilimanjaro. Apart from having the highest Mountains, Tanzanian is home to lots of tourist attractions. As we can see, lots of tourists visit Tanzania and they have many places to visit which include Zanzibar and a couple of others. In respect for those who love climbing mountains, you have them in the country. Tanzanian is actually a good place for lots of tourists attraction. But even with the best places, there is various time of visit. For those who love Bird watching, there are seasons where you mostly see the birds. Well, this article is not meant for that right now let’s get on with the main purpose of this.


The main purpose of writing this article is for you to know about the Tanzanian flag, this question goes like this, what do you know about a flag?

  • What do you know about the Tanzania flag?

Absolutely even without you being a citizen of that country, you should know little facts which are important to them. Well, let’s answer your question above about the Tanzanian flag.

In the year 1964, the countries of Tanganyika and Zanzibar were United to form Tanzania. The flag was also adopted that same year but during December, after they have gained independence from the British colonialist. The colors of the national flag of Zanzibar and Tanganyika were merged to form the current flag of Tanzania. The National flag of Tanzanian comprises of the color green, yellow, black, blue. The flag consists of a yellow-edged black diagonal band divided diagonally from the lower triangle. Before we spill more information about the flag, let’s take a look at this. I know that there are some various facts which we should know about Tanzanian. Many of us don’t even know about it or don’t feel they are in existence. Well read below and see for yourself.

Tanzania Flag Meaning Facts

Tanzania Flag Meaning Facts

The current flag of Tanzania

Tanzanian is said to be one of the main archaeological sites in history and the country is also rich in agriculture. The country has over 120 languages which are being spoken in the country. It should be known that in terms of archaeology some of the remains of earliest men were found in the country. A place called Olduvai George is where the world’s earliest human skull was found, amazing right.

In terms of agriculture as we all know that without food the people of a nation cannot be healthy. Most of the income in Tanzania is generated from agricultural produce. Ugali which is known as the staple food among the people of Tanzania. This food is made from a mixture of corn and sorghum flour which is cooked and made thicker than porridge. The people of Tanzania loves traditional African music which is commonly sung in the country. The string-based music is called Taarao. Before we fill up your mind with all these facts let’s go back to the aspect of the flag.

Tanzania Flag Colour

All the colors on the Tanzanian flag have its own meaning which are:

  • The green color of the Tanzanian flag symbolizes the natural resources of Tanzania. It shows that the country is rich in natural resources and green vegetation. Apart from the natural green resources which the green color on the Tanzanian flag symbolizes. It also symbolizes peace. As far as we are concerned Tanzania is the most peaceful country in East Africa. The color also represents the forest cover of Tanzania, fertility, and agriculture. Apart from these it also reminds them of the importance and needs to practice agriculture and protect the forest covers.
  • Black color in the flag represents lots of things just as in the aspect of the green color. The black color on the Tanzanian flag represents the black skin of the people of Tanzania. The black color stands for the patriotic Tanzanian nationals. The black also reminds people that they are all one and they should not be divided because of the color of their skin. You all know about the black that they are mostly intimidated because of their skin color often referred to as monkeys or even worse, this color of the flag is a constant reminder to them that they should not feel cheated in any way because that’s the way they were created.
  • The Blue color of the Tanzanian flag represents lakes and rivers as well as the Indian Ocean. It represents the many water bodies which are found In Tanzania. The blue encourage the people of Tanzania to make proper use of the water bodies across the land.
  • Yellow color in the Tanzanian flag represents the natural mineral deposit found online the land of Tanzanian. It also symbolizes the huge and rich mineral deposit that Tanzanian has. Yellow color also reminds the people of Tanzania to make good economic use of the rich minerals which is found in Tanzania for the well being of the nation.

Below are some little facts which we feel it’s important you should know about the country

  • Tanzanian shares it’s National anthem with two other African nations which are South Africa and Zimbabwe.
  • The National anthem is titled Munga Ibariki Afrika which means God Bless Africa.
  • If we were to read this article or if you have been following up, we can see that Tanzanian has a rich cultural heritage and the people who speak various languages in Tanzania are mostly from Bantu region.

We have talked about the Tanzania flag facts and meaning – in this article,  we also have some other facts but which will not be stated here. In conclusion, we believe Tanzania is a great place to visit and the tourist has lots of places to visit, we hope you visit the country ‘ someday.


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