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With relevance to the reputation of Forbes as the biggest ranking organization across the globe, we’ve decided to bring you Uganda’s list of top 10 richest musicians in Uganda 2017, who currently rock the Ugandan music industry. Meanwhile, the list is accurately in line with Forbes’ ranking. So for those asking

  • Who Is The Richest Musicians in Uganda 2018

Here are the


  • 1. Bobi Wine

Richest Musicians in Uganda Bobi Winie

Bobi Wine is very famous in the music industry not only for his fast-selling songs but also his numerous assets which include Busabala beach, a residence located in Mangere, Fire Records, and many more. In view of how he greatly fancies automobiles, Bobi Wine is also identified as owning a Land Cruiser and an Escalade.

  • 2. Jose Chameleone

jose Chameleone richest ugandan Musicians

Jose Chameleone is undoubtedly one of Zambia’s top musicians and currently, his name has been attributed to a brand, a Chinese company, which produces mobile phones. Based on the terms of the deal Jose Chameleone signed with the brand, he has been allowed to name the company’s phones after himself; thus the phones are called Chameleone phones. Over and above that, Jose Chameleone is declared to have acquired many assets ranging from cars and houses.

  • 3. Bebe Cool

Richest Musicians in Uganda bebe cool

Among The Richest Artist In Uganda

Bebe Cool is famous and admirable not only for his contribution to music but also his great reputation as a philanthropist. With respect to this, he has donated lots of money, for charity purposes, to those suffering from kidney infections and to victims of cancer. Likewise, he is highly regarded for his possession of a band together with a sound system which he uses in organizing musical entertainments such as concerts.

  • 4. Ragga Dee

ragga Dee richest artist in uganda

Having secured his dignified status in the Ugandan music industry, Ragga Dee is known to have revealed an unbending passion for politics and for this, he is widely regarded as an upcoming personality in the political sphere. In addition to his business that involves the hiring and importation of automobiles, Ragga Dee is in immense possession of personal property which includes a mansion.

  • 5. Mesach Semakula

richesst ugandan artist Mesach Semakula

Mesach Semakula is the renowned owner of residential quarters located in regions such as Zuzana, Lubowa, and Buwaate. As part of his great addition to the music industry, Semakula possesses a famous studio known as Kann Studio. Furthermore, he has crowned his notable presence in the music industry as one of the founders of Eagles Production.

  • 6. Ronald Mayinja

Ronald Mayinja Net Worth

Ronald is a passionate musician who has reinforced himself with additional engagements which include his business of conveying goods using lorries. He maintains his stance as a rich personality through the ownership of assets, ranging from land portions to several houses. Other than that, he is part of those who founded Eagles Production.

  • 7. Geoffrey Lutaaya

Geofrey Lutaaya Net Worth

As part of his renowned presence in the music arena, Geoffrey Lutaaya is one of the founders of the well known Eagles Production. Lutaaya enjoys his luxurious life and can boast as the owner of several assets including Dance Flo bar, Durban Motel and many more.

  • 8. Grace Nakimera

As her name commands repute in the Ugandan music industry, Nakimera is undoubtedly one of the country’s wealthiest female musicians. Meanwhile, she has fortified her presence in the music sphere with assets ranging from patches of land located in Mukono, Kisaasi, and Namugongo. Besides that, she boasts of the ownership of Kampala-based Pinky Saloons.

  • 9. Haruna Mubiru

Currently, Haruna Mubiru boasts of his wealthy presence in the music industry as the originator and manager of Kream Production. Likewise, Haruna Mubiru, who was previously part of Eagles Production, possesses several assets, ranging from apartments and high-end cars, located in Kabowa.

  • 10. Goodlyfe Crew

Goodlyfe Crew Net Worth

This group is known for the millions it has continuously made from its fast-selling songs. Other than the patches of land owned by the Goodlyfe Crew, the group has a number of assets which are inclusive of some apartments located in Makynde. Under the management of the duo of Alan Kiwanuka and Jeff, the Goodlyfe Crew has persisted in earning returns from its music.

Top 10 Richest Musicians In Uganda 2018


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