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Tanzania has been favoured by its rising economic growth which has largely resulted from the number of business moguls who have contributed to its labour sector. In certain cases, some of these influential moguls have generated employment opportunities for the Tanzanian populace and by reason of this, Tanzania now boasts of its stance as one of the growing economies in East Africa, which brought our interest in the top 10 richest Men In Tanzania 2018.

Below are the names of the influential multi-millionaires who have laid down their wealth as a foundation on which the economic growth of Tanzania can be further strengthened.

So to anwer the question

  • Who Is The Richest Man In Tanzania


  • 1. Mohammed Dewji

Richest Man In Tanzania Mohammed Dewji

Having buttressed his wealth with 75% ownership of METL Group, Mohammed Dewji has been regarded as the youngest billionaire on the list of 50 richest Africans 2017. Mohammed Dewji’s wealth resulted from his successful business enterprise which he established after obtaining the ownership of some production plants owned by the Ugandan government. Currently, his net worth is estimated at $1.3 billion.

  • 2. Rostam Azizi

Rostam Azizi Richest Tanzanian Man

Rostam Azizi is the owner of several companies including Caspian Mining. In view of his huge shareholding in Tanzania’s biggest mobile phone operator –Vodacom Tanzania –Azizi (sold) a portion equivalent to 17.2 percent of the total share portion of the giant company. In addition to Rostam Azizi’s name as a business mogul, he emerged as the very first billionaire this nation has ever produced. As it stands, the renowned business mogul is worth $1 billion.

  • 3. Said Salim Bakhresa

sahid salim bakhresa richest people in tanzania

Within forty years, Salim Bakhresa was able to attain a remarkable feat marked by the transformation of his Bakhresa Group which is currently one of the biggest conglomerates in East Africa. Apart from his fame as the founder of the Azam TV, Salim Bakhresa has largely succeeded with his business empire that has created employment for over 5,000 persons. From his business dealings which cover areas such as petroleum trading, ferry services, and food beverages, Salim Bakhresa has amassed the net worth of $575 million.

  • 4. Reginald Mengi

Reginald mengi richest person in tanzania

With his net worth estimated at $560 million, Reginald Mengi is regarded as one of Tanzania’s self-made richest people. As the top manager of IPP Media Group, which marks one of Africa’s biggest media conglomerates, Reginald Mendi has come out into the scene of moguls currently dominating Africa’s media industry.

  • 5. Ally Awadh

Ally Awadh Net Worth

Ally Awadh has built himself a reputable business empire through his involvement in oil trading and services. Having been authorized by the license the government granted him, Ally Awadh initiated his petroleum firm, Lake Oil Group, which concentrated on the importation and distribution of petroleum within the country.

  • 6. Shekhar Kanabar

shekhar Kanabar net worth

Kannabar’s wealth largely rests on his authoritative position as the manager of Synarge Group –one of the renowned conglomerates in Tanzania. Under the ownership of his family, Shekhar Kanabar manages Synarge Group which concentrates on industrial activities including spare parts for automobiles, recycling of batteries and manufacturing of lead.

  • 7. Subash Patel

subash patel net worth

Within 20 years, Patel was able to transform his business venture of rolling mill into one of the country’s renowned conglomerates –the Motisun Group. As a going concern, the Motisun Group is composed of over 15 various subsidiary companies actively present in areas including real estate, food processing, mining, paints, plastics and steel making.

  • 8. Ghalib Said Mohammed

Ghalib Said Mohamed net worth

Having partnered with his father in the business concerned with collective/general trades and cashew farming, Ghalib Said Mohammed eventually set up his own enterprise, the GSM Group, which as constantly yielded him returns as it renders business services including retailing, real estate management, general trading, manufacturing, transportation, finance, media, and logistics.

  • 9. Fida Hussein Rashid

Fida Hussein rashid

Through his establishment of Africarriers Group, which became part of Nation’s first set of companies to trade in second-hand vehicles, Hussein Rashid has soared high in the automotive industry. Having transformed it beautifully and made it the first East African company to engage in the importation of Toyota and other Japanese automobiles, Africarriers Group now boasts of its unparalleled achievement as the sole company distributing some automotive brands including Golden Dragon and Eicher.

Other Richest People In Tanzania 2017 Include :

  • Salim Turky
  • Yogesh Manek
  • Abdul Aziz Abood
  • Yusuf Manji
  • Haroon Zakaria
  • Ali Mufuruki
  • Nasir Mustaga

There you have it on the top ten richest man in Tanzania and their Net worth 20187.


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Updated: January 18, 2018 — 7:45 am

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