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Tanzania and Indian have enjoyed traditionally close friendly relations. All of this started from the 1960s, the political relationship involved shared commitments to anti-colonialism, non-alignment and a desire for cooperation.

During the past cold war era, Indian and Tanzania both initiated economic reform programmes around the same time alongside developing external relations, which were aimed at broader international political and economic relations developing international business linkage and which also helps in promoting foreign investment.

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The Indian embassy in Tanzania has been operating since the November 19, 1961, so this means that there has actually been a long term relationship between both countries.

Above was a little write up about the Tanzanian and the Indian relationship. It shows that both countries have been existing and working together for a long time to promote peace and other good things.

Travelling to India, has been the dream of many, for some that dream has been accomplished. We have noticed that apart from tourism, many people travel to Indian in search of good medical treatments. It is known that in terms of medicine, Indian has one of the finest set of doctors in the world, they are well skilled and trained to handle different types of medical related diseases, and apart from this reason, many also go thee to study.


There are various requirements which are needed. Every purpose you are coming for has some requirements which are attached to it, be it for business, school, tourism, medical treatments and every others has their own requirements. We would help you sort out the various requirements which are needed to obtain an Indian visa.

Tourism Visa Application Requirements:

  • Applicants should have a passport which is valid for at least six (6) months from the date of the application. 
  • Visa form
  • Two passport photograph
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate
  • Proof of funds
  • Proof of accommodation and hotel bookings
  • Foreign exchange mist be endorsed on passports or ID card copy
  • Visa fee should be paid in form of draft.

Business Visa Application Requirements:

  • Covering letter from the company stating the applicants name, his.her designation, purpose and duration of time. 
  • Letter of invitation from the business associate
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate
  • Passport which is valid for six (6) months
  • Visa form
  • Passport sized photographs

In the case of students and other type of visa, they will also have their own requirements. Taking a child along with you and going together with your family requires more information and documents. All the documents which are provided should be personally signed by the applicant. There are some things which should be known, but will be discussed below and they are very important.


Creating a visa application appointments is very necessary, this appointment is very important that you even have to attend it, if you do not want to attend it, it is necessary that you make plans of cancellation immediately.

It should be noted that consulate reserves the right to call any applicant for a personal interview and they may ask for additional information at any stage during the processing of your visa. Submission of the applications along with prescribed fees does not necessarily guarantee you the issue of your visa. The consulate has the right to refuse visa to any applicant, without assigning any reason, as well as to decide the duration of visa. It should be known that the visa fee are non-refundable even if the application is withdrawn or the service is refused, validity of visa is counted from the date it was issued.

One of the main important thing here is that it should be noted that all persons holding a long term visa other than long term business visa are required to get themselves registered with the nearest foreigners registration office within 14 days of arrival in Indian.

Applicants are advised to reach the high commission only 30mins prior to the appointment time to avoid inconvenience inside the visa hall which does not have the capacity for more than 20 persons. It should be noted that after registration, there should be a date of appointment, if it is nt available, they should try and use the reprint button at the first page of the online form and click on to Get Application, if after 5 days and there is no appointment date, it is advised that you call the High commission to seek an appointment date.

  • Applicants for the visas, are required to come personally for biometric data capture. Not everyone is allowed for the biometric data capture, some few people are exempted from this, they are the;
  • Medically ill applicants who are unable to come physically
  • Diplomatic or official passport holders
  • Those who are below the age of 12 years old and above 70 years old.

Tanzania are very lucky as their visas is normally issued in three working days, while other countries are five working days, while for the diplomatic or official visas holders could be submitted on any weekdays.


Much as its important, we now a lot about the embassy, it is also essential to know how to reach them, in terms of asking questions and all other things which might come up. The contact information of the Indian embassy in Tanzania are stated below.

  • Address: Shabun Robert street, plot 100 213/51 P.O Box 2684, Dar es salaam, Tanzania 
  • Telephone: +255 22 2113094, +255 22 2113096
  • Fax: +255 22 2113049, +255 22 2113092
  • Email:

A lot has been said about the Indian embassy in Tanzania, this article has been very helpful, as full information have been given to you, all you need to known, what you never expected to know about and so much more, we believe that applying for your visa, will not be very difficult for you anymore, as you have known every detail about it.

Indian is a very friendly country to travel to, and we  know that visitors are very much welcome there, apart from studying there, you can also know a lot about their culture.


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