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GERMAN EMBASSY TANZANIA : Visa Application, Appointment Info

GERMAN EMBASSY TANZANIA : Visa Application, Booking and Appointment

The German embassy Tanzania is one of 560 German diplomatic and consular representations abroad. They are one of the 89 foreign representatives in Tanzania and one of 68 foreign representations in Dar-es-Salaam.

I know you may not know much about the German embassy Tanzania, but this article will serve as a guide to you, read on.

The embassy in Tanzania is headed by Dr Detle Wachter, he is the ambassador of Germany to Tanzania. It is known that the German embassy Tanzania promotes German interests in the country, the embassy plays an important role in development, cultural affairs and contacts with the local press of the country.

German Embassy Tanzania Visa Application Appointment


The German embassy Tanzania marked the day of German unity with a message of peace using a sculpture of a buddy bear. The buddy bear symbolizes harmony and tolerance around the world. The ambassador said that buddy bear was a significant symbol for both country’s friendship. Germany has been engaged in social and economic partnership with Tanzania through financial and technical support in areas of health, water and sanitation, conservation and good governance, all of these have been taking place for the past 50 years.

It is said that development, co-operation is a focal point for Germany in Tanzania. Involvement, cultural relations, bilateral trade are other fields of co-operation.


Travelling to Germany requires lots of documents which depends if it is a short-term visit, student, long term visit, business visit and so many others.

Below are some of the various Germany visa application requirements which are needed.

For short term trip, you are required to provide the various items

  • Application form
  • Two passport sized photograph
  • Valid national passport and one copy
  • Proof of sufficient financial means
  • Proof of complaint travel medical insurance
  • Visa Fees

If the short term visit is for a minor child, then the requirements are

  • Birth certificate of the child
  • Application form must be signed by both parents
  • Family court order, if only one parent has full custody
  • If a child is travelling alone, a notarized parental authorization signed by both parents or guardian.

We should note that the requirements for a business trip is different than this one, as more documents will be required from you which are

  • Cover letter explaining purpose of the visit in details
  • Company/organization brief profile
  • Current bank statement and one copy
  • Memorandum and article of association in original certified copy
  • Letter of invitation from the business partner which should be faxed to the consulate
  • Employment letter stating the applicants designation and the exact purpose of travel.

We can now see that the business visa has lots of requirements which are needed from you.


The appointment system of the German foreign office which says that everyone has to book an appointment first. Before you book an appointment to apply for a German passport or ID card, you need to read the information on the website.

  • You are not allowed to book more than one appointment for yourself, the appointment which you booked must be attended by you and you alone.
  • Separate dates are to be booked by you all, if you are one family, this means that a family of six (6) members has to book six appointments.
  • It should be noted that any individual that is late will not be attended to, so it is advised that you should be early, one hour before the stipulated time of your appointment is okay.
  • It should also be noted that if you would love to cancel your appointment, you will have to follow the instruction which are provided in the confirmation email.

Applicants should apply for their passport early as it can be submitted up to six (6) months before the last pass. The application process should not take you much time, provided all your required documents are ready and most times the way you act and respond to questions, it is possible they might not even check for everything which is required from you.


Before going to ahead to get your passport and other things, it should be noted that most times or rather it is advisable that you call the embassy, check the location or even their website.

Each embassy has a specific number where you can easily reach them and place your calls, this will make your application process easier as you can easily get answers to most of your questions.

The contact details of the German embassy IN Dar es Salaam is stated below

After giving all of this information, it should be noted that they have office hours as well. Before you make any calls, it is important that you know the time they receive calls or even attend to clients, as this is important for you not to call at the wrong time, so you can also be given proper attention to.

The embassy recently changed their telephone contact, this was updated on the website during August, so the old telephone contact is not in use anymore, and the contact we gave you also is the recent one, so be rest assured that every information here on the contact details are correct.

Apart from the German embassy in Dar-es-Salaam, they also have two (2) other representatives in Tanzania and they include consulates in Austru and Zanzibar.

Both countries are strengthening their forces by working together. Planning a trip to Germany is a good choice, the country is a good place as visitors and tourists are received well in the country. Tanzanians are happy that there is a strong bond between them and the Germans. If more information are needed about the visa application process then the website will be very helpful to you.

After reading this article, planning a trip should not be a difficult process for you any longer, as all the information which you need has been given to you. From the requirements needed, to the contacts and also visa application process, including appointments. 


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GERMANY EMBASSY TANZANIA : Visa Application, Appointment Info
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