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Starting a business in Tanzania does not require too much thinking and racking of the brain. What you just need to know is that Tanzania is rich in nature. There are a lot of Businesses that come along with this Natural wealth. Below are some of the Businesses which one can start in Tanzania.


  • #1. Food Processing

What you just need to know is that Tanzania’s Agric sector can boast of large cultivation of crops like corn, cassava, sweet potatoes, beans, bananas, millet, tobacco, coffee, and tea but the major challenge that this sector is facing is the preservation of this crop.
If you have the capacity to establish a food processing plant in Tanzania, you would definitely reap good returns on your investment especially when your commodity is cheaper than the ones imported from other countries. This is actually going to grow into a big business with time.



  • #2. Travels and Tourism

This is one type of business where you can catch fun while making money at the same time. Tanzania is a major tourist destination in Africa. The travel and tourism sector is responsible for the employment of over 10 percent of the country’s labor force. Presently, the travel and tourism industry is considered to be the fastest growing sector in Tanzania and it is still very much open to investors. So if you are looking towards
establishing your own business in Tanzania, then you should consider starting your own Travels and Tourism Company. Of course, there are a lot of investors in this business already giving to the fact that tourism is one thing that attracts many people but one should not be discouraged by this after all business is about risks.

  • #3. Construction Company

Tanzania is rated as an underdeveloped country and it lacks many basic infrastructures. If you are an accredited investor with interest in the African continent, it would pay you a great deal to establish a construction company in Tanzania. There are loads of construction jobs to be done in Tanzania and the construction companies available in
Tanzania isn’t empowered enough to handle most of the jobs. So there you go. A young Engineer who is brave enough to start up his/her company and at the end takes over and becomes the head of the leading construction company.

  • #4. Water Refill Station

As we all know, there is nothing more precious than clean, good water. The government of Tanzania is still Working hard to provide clean and potable water to its citizens. If you are thinking of starting a business in Tanzania, then you should consider opening a
water refill station. It is a very profitable venture in Tanzania. It will really pay with time.

  • #5. Rental Services

Rental service is another great and profitable business in Tanzania. If you open your rental services and you rent public address system, chairs, and tables, canopies, etc. You can boast to have loads of people patronizing you on a regular basis. This is one business that is rare to find in most African countries, so let’s say one starts it and becomes the number one Rental in town.

Still on The 10 Business Opportunities In Tanzania 2018

  • #6. Export

Tanzania is a place that can boast of raw materials in abundance. But one problem they have is that there are not enough industries, Manufacturers, companies to process them. Some countries have enough companies where raw materials can be processed into finished goods but do not have the raw materials while some other countries have them in abundance. One can involve in this lucrative business of exporting
these raw materials. Although this business may involve a lot of risks and connection, it’s one business that is worth the stress.

  • #7. Hotel and Accommodation

Coming in on our 10 lists of business opportunities in Tanzania is “Hotel and Accommodation” Housing is a big-time business idea which can get one real income.
For instance, a traveler coming from a far country and having nowhere to go can bump into you and you tell the person you have a place for Lodging and you get your money. It’s as easy as that. But one should be careful when coming up with this idea because some hotels may be very beautiful and welcoming but because of the distance of it from a particular place, the customer may leave that one for a nearer one.

  • #8. Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of Africa’s most abundant natural resources. Most parts of sub-Saharan Africa enjoy more than 300 days of free God-given sunlight every year.
Still, over 600 million people on the continent, especially in rural areas, don’t have access to reliable electricity. In most cities and towns, power outages are the norm and people often have to rely on noisy petrol and diesel power generators.

Solar energy is free, absolutely clean and abundant. And it provides the best alternative for people in remote parts of Africa who are out of reach of electricity grids. Interestingly, some smart entrepreneurs are rising to the challenge of lighting up Africa through solar energy, and are very likely to join the millionaires club soon.

  • #9. Smartphones

Africa is currently the second fastest growing market for mobile phones, after Asia. However, the first wave of Africa’s mobile phone revolution is almost over.
These days, African consumers are looking to upgrade from the first generation feature phones to smartphones. It’s no surprise that the continent’s growing population of technology and fashion-savvy youth now presents a multi-billion dollar market for smartphones.

However, most ‘new-age’ smartphone devices like iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung are quite expensive for the average African. This has created a huge opportunity for low-priced smartphones that are now hitting the African market.

Better still, many of these smartphones are built on the Android operating system, have similar features to the ‘high end’ smartphones and most are just as stylishly designed. One would make a great fortune being a marketer of Smartphones in Tanzania

  • #10. Internet Access

This is one area where one can invest in Tanzania and be rest assured that in due time profit will come out of it. So many investors are already trooping in with this idea of creating good internet access and getting the proceeds from it due to the fact that Africa’s internet market is worth billions of dollars.

We have seen lots of business we can carry out for ourselves. Starting small is necessary as this will enable you to learn a lot in that particular business you are interested in.



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