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The Best Time To Visit Tanzania 2018

The Best Time To Visit Tanzania 2018

Tanzania is a beautiful place where one can visit and never get tired of visiting. The Great mount Kilimanjaro, National parks, Beaches never cease to attract visitors, However, it is good to have knowledge of the best time to visit Tanzania. Many who had the hope of having a great climbing mount Kilimanjaro, were disappointed because
they came unfortunately at a wrong time when the mountain was wet.

Knowing the best time to visit Tanzania is related to the purpose of the visit. The answer is often complex. It will depend on many things including your interests, exactly where you want to visit and why you’re traveling. One person’s best time can be another’s worst. For instance, One may decide to come because he/she wants to take a tour on Mount Kilimanjaro and another may decide to come for a nice time at Coco Beach while another may also come to watch the Wildlife at Gombe national park. These various Attraction sites have periods in which one can enjoy maximum satisfaction while there are also periods when maximum satisfaction may not be derived.

best time to visit tanzania serengeti

Best Time To Visit Tanzania

The Best Time To Visit Tanzania For Wild Life Viewing and Parks {Tourism}

The best wildlife viewing months in Tanzania are during the Dry season from late June to October and it is generally the best time to visit all Parks in Tanzania because there is little or no rainfall during this period June and July are the best months to see the wildebeest migration. Animals are easier to spot since they concentrate around waterholes and rivers and there is less vegetation.

There are fewer mosquitoes because there is little to no rain. Skies are clear and most days are sunny. Even though most tourists visit during the Dry season, the parks still
don’t feel crowded, except for the Seronera area in the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater.

Mornings and nights get cold. It’s recommended to bring warm clothing for morning game drives in open vehicles during the months of June, July, and August.

Best time to visit tanzania

Best Time To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

September and October are the best months to climb Kilimanjaro, thanks to moderate temperatures, lower rainfall and less cloud cover which means the mountain can get crowded, particularly in September. Book your trip well in advance – and remember, rain can fall at any time and it’s always icy cold at the top. Climbing is most dangerous during the rainy season due to slippery conditions and poor visibility. Tours still run – but your best booking a less strenuous route and you’ll be at the mercy of the weather. Waterproof packs are essential.

Kili is chilly year-round –but around June-August, it’s at its most freezing. Pack appropriately, and don’t underestimate the cold; remember – you’ll be camping.
A beautiful way to experience Kilimanjaro’s summit is during a full moon. As well as lighting your way in the dark African night, the moon reflects off the glaciers; fabulous. But again – this brings more climbers.

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Best Time To Visit The Beach In Tanzania 2018

Also for a nice time at the beach, the dry season is the best. During this season, when you can have a peaceful walk on the dry sand with bare feets without being afraid of being interrupted by the rain and you can also have a nice cold shower after the walk then go under a shade and keep yourself busy with a nice book and a chilled cup of your favorite drink. 

Generally, the best time to visit Tanzania is during the dry season.


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