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Serengeti national park in Tanzania is famous because of its exceptionality. It is a little bit different from many other parks maybe due to its numerous mass of animals or climate. It is good to have a knowledge about the weather of Serengeti which one can take full advantage of and when its the best time to visit Serengeti National Park for a wonderful experience.

Wildlife viewing in Serengeti National Park is good throughout the year, but certain areas are better at specific times. Reason being that there are events that happen at some specific times which one may not want to miss for anything else.

The Best Time To Visist Serengeti National Park



The Dry season (from late June to October) offers the best wildlife viewing in general – with the wildebeest migration as its absolute highlight.

During the period when the wildebeest migrate in search of fresh water and convenience, One could be opportune to see an enormous unbelievable number of a particular kind of animals. You could get to see millions of animals in motion. what a great site that will be. This is an event well worth watching. Every day for about three
weeks, an estimated 8000 newborn foals stagger to their feet within minutes of being dropped and follow their mothers. Whether you are charmed by the spectacle of new life or thrilled by the hunting predators, you will certainly be moved by this annual blockbuster event.

The Grumeti River crossing in Serengeti is a perilous trap in June and July, haunted by giant Nile crocodile who grab their herbivore victims by the throat and bear them under water.

Aside from of the migratory hordes, the national park is serenely occupied by other resident mammals with endless behavioral interactions, not least herds of elephant, families of giraffe, prides of lions, coalitions of cheetahs, solitary and leap leopards, black rhinos and hundreds of small mammals including primates like vervet monkeys and olive baboons, small cats like caracals wildcats, genets and hundreds and hundreds of birds. Many reporters and safari guests have said the graduated and finest quality time for safari travel in East Africa is when the Serengeti plains are quiet from the thundering hooved gnus and when the majority of the peak season sapiens visitors
have left.

The Great Wildebeest Migration is the largest single movement of wild animals in the world, deservedly listed as one of the eight Natural Wonders and an exceptional inspiration for a dream tour. Animals concentrate on waterholes and rivers and they are easier to spot since the vegetation is less thick.

This is because it is usually sunny and dry. Mosquitoes are few so are the chances of contracting malaria. The park gets quite crowded around the Seronera area.

Mornings and nights from June to August are usually cold. So you are cautioned to bring warm clothing for early morning game drives

November to May – Wet Season

Late January to February is an excellent time to see predator action. This is the calving time in southern Serengeti.The scenery is glamorous.

April and May are low seasons, so it’s usually less crowded and rates
might be less.

Despite the fact that wildlife is easier to spot in the dry season, Serengeti compromises good game viewing all year.

That’s an overview of the best time to visit Serengeti National Park. Travel wisely.


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